Why Us?

At a store you usually see this...


You think to yourself, Wow these look so cool! I love the colors and designs! Look at the different shapes!

Eye candy. It looks harmless, promises all these great things, everyone uses it, and worst of all, you don't have any other options

We're sure that all of us have had a moment in our life when we saw this on the shelf...

...and we're sure it was just as disappointing for you. 


This is why we exist.



We dream of a day when we can walk into a store and find a deodorant on the shelf that is healthy, works amazingly, is completely honest, and also looks super cool.

Yes, we want it all!

We want to have soft, nourished skin.

We want to brag about how we never stink when we exercise.

We want to unclog our pores so they can stop making extra sweat as they try for dear life to breathe.

We want to be able to display our deodorant proudly in our bathroom for our guests to see. 

We want to never worry again. 

Choose the Immortal Life.